Monday, March 15, 2010

One Of My Favourite TV Chefs

Jamie Oliver was at MYER on Saturday morning. M was happy to go with me. We thought we had secured ourselves a nice spot until minutes before the chef appeared when this camera guy from Channel 9 came to set up his camera on a little stage in front of us. How annoying?

Some lucky people (mostly kids) scored themselves sets of TEFAL cookware and a select group of people (winners of a competition) got him to autograph their cook books. We didn't have anything for him to sign. Even though I enjoy most of his TV shows I don't own any of his cook books but I do borrow them from the City Library from time to time. Tonight I am making Bolognaise Sauce according to his recipe.


achan said...

Another celebrity!!!!! I think we'll have to start calling you paparazzi!!!!

I like Jamie Oliver too. I am especially interested in the work he is doing to combat obesity. He's really a brave man taking on big business and angry people just beause he thinks it is important.

Did he speak at all?

Priscilla said...

I am no Paparazzi Achan. These days someone else is constantly hogging the camera thinking that his photo taking skills has improved.

Jamie Oliver did speak on Saturday. He answered questions from the host and a few questions fired by people in the crowd. Someone asked him why he was late. LOL. He talked about bribing Poppy and Daisy with a scooter for memorizing all the names of the herbs planted in the front garden. He also announced that they are waiting for baby #4's arrival soon. As he was talking about his recent TV shows, the topic turned to good nutrition for young children and he mentioned Stephanie Alexander's introduction of vege patches at schools. He also gave advice on how and when to introduce knives (for cooking purposes) to children. He was patient and friendly, and cracked jokes about how he became a chef. Apparently he was given plenty of crappy jobs as a rookie. They used to make him prep onions and to stop crying, he turned up one day with his snorkeling set and it worked wonderfully.